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Ancestors of Lois Virginia NISWONGER Smith Rasure


512. Jacob NEUENSWANDGER/NEUENSCHWANGER was born about 1670 in Canton Berne, Switzerland. He died in 1738 in Skippack, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Jacob was exiled for his religious belief. In 1710 he was in prison in Berne along with Hans Herr, Martin Kindig and others, In June of that same year, or the next year these three families sailed for America, arriving in Lancaster County, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania. No ship lists of names arriving were kept at this port of immigration until 1728. In 1719 Jacob and at least two of his children, John Jacob 18, and Christian, 16, were living in Germantown, Pennsylvania, according to records in the Historical Society of York County, Pennsylvania. He was a Mennonite Anabaptist.

513. Unknown UNKNOWN

Jacob NEUENSWANDGER/NEUENSCHWANGER and Unknown UNKOWN had the following children:

i. Jacob or John Jacob NYCEWNADER was born in 1701 in Canton Berne, Switzerland. He diedbefor May 7 1754 in Frederick County, Virginia. On Feb 21, 1738 he bought 148 acres from Jost Hite in Frederick County Virginia. On May 11, 1744, he was on the first Grand Jury of Frederick County Virginia. On May 1 1749, it is recorded that he bought 355 acres there.

ii. Christian NEISWANDER    ((256))


648 Jean DANIEL was born in May 1626 in Normandy, Franch. Jean, although he was the oldest son, was disinherited by his father for leaving the Roman Catholic Church for the Lutheran faith. He, with other Huguenots, fled to Germany. He married Margaret MARTIN

649 Margaret MARTIN.

Jean DANIEL and Margaret MARTIN had the following children:

i. Henry DANIEL    ((324))                                                                               


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