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Ancestors of Lois Virginia NISWONGER Smith Rasure


20736 Lord of Des Vres Amidee DANIEL was born in 1420. He was married to Noble Maiden Amilie DE VERT in 1449.

20737 Noble Maiden Amelie DE VERT

Lord of Des Vres Amidee DANIEL and Noble Maiden Amelie DE VERT had the following children:

i.  Phillippe, Thrice Noble, Magnificent and Powerful Prince DANIEL    ((10368))                                                                                       

ii. Jean DANIEL


i.  Noble of St. Omer Andree DANIEL     ((5184))                                                                                        

ii. Berand DANEIL

iii. Phillipa DANIEL

iv. Alice DANIEL

v. Marguerita DANIEL



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