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Ancestors of Lois Virginia NISWONGER Smith Rasure


64. John Bototourt NEISWANGER Jr was born about 1755. He died at the mouth of Little Grove Creek, either in Virginia or West Virginia.   He was killed by Indians. He married Elizabeth BERRY about 1772.

65. Elizabeth BERRY was born in 1755.

John Bototourt NEISWANGER Jr and Elizabeth BERRY had the following children:

i. Mary NEISWANGER was born in 1773. She died in 1849.

ii. Barbara NEISWANGER was born in 1774.

iii. Jacob Franklin NEISWANGER was born in 1776. He died in 1835.

iv. Elizabeth NEISWANGER was born in 1780. She died in 1847.

v. Samuel NEISWANGER was born in 1784. He died in 1866.


vii. George NEISWANGER was born in 1791 in Botetort County, Virginia. He died in 1835. He moved at some time to Swantown, Montgomery County, Ohio.

viii. Susannah NEISWANGER was born in 1794. She died in 1857.

ix. David NEISWANGER was born in 1799. He died in 1840.

80. Wilhelm Georg FOSTER/FORSTER was born in 1749 in Prussia Germany. He died on Jul 11 1815 in Perry County, Ohio. He was married to Magdalene DANIEL on Apr 19 1774 in Christ Lutheran Church, Tulpehocken Valley, Bethel Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania.

81. Magdalene DANIEL was born in 1755 in Berks County, Pennsylvania. She died on Oct 20 1823 in Perry County, Ohio. Magdalene was a faithful, courageous and devout woman who gave birth to and cared for the 12 Forster children. She lived on the frontier of the country all her live whether in Pennsylvania, Virginia, or Ohio.

Wilhelm Georg FOSTER/FORSTER and Magdalene DANIEL  had the following children:

i. Anna Marie FOSTER was born on Sep 30 1775 in Perry County, Ohio. She died sometime before 1860 in Perry County, Ohio. She was buried in Lutheran-Reformed Cemetery, Thornville, Ohio. She and her husband John were married by a Justice of the Peace. They lived on the northeast quarter of Section 19 in Thorn Township, Perry County, Ohio, which land she had received from her father as inheritance.

ii. William FOSTER was born on Sep 21 1777 in Thorn Township, Perry County Ohio. He died in 1862 in Thorn Township, Perry County, Ohio. He was buried in Foster Family Cemetery, Thorn Township, Perry County, Ohio. William and his wife Eva lived in the Southwest quarter of Section 19 of Thorn Township, Perry County, Ohio, which he inherited from his father. He was a farmer by occupation. In 1985, the land was still owned by his descendants.

iii. Andrew FOSTER was born in 1779.

iv. Daniel FOSTER was born in 1781.

v. John FOSTER was born in 1783. John never married. He made a trip to New Orleans from which he never returned.

vi. Henry FOSTER was born in 1785.

vii. Samuel FOSTER was born in 1788.

viii. Catherine FOSTER was born in 1788.

ix. George FOSTER was born in 1789

x. Benjamin FOSTER

xi. Magdalene FOSTER was born in 1795

xii. Christian FOSTER.  ((40))



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