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Ancestors of Lois Virginia NISWONGER Smith Rasure


128 John NICEWANGER/NEISWANDER  was born in Colebrooksdale, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. He died on Dec 1 1788 in Frederick County Virginia. He lived for a time in Botetort County, Virginia, around 1750. He made his will on Sep 23 1788 which was recorded on Dec 20 1788 in the Will Book #5, page 200 in the office of the County Clerk of Frederick County, Winchester, Virginia.


John NICEWANGER/NEISWANDER and Mary UNKNOWN had the following children:

i. John NEISWANGER Jr. ((64))

ii. Jacob "Job" NICEWANGER/NEISWONDER died in 1774/1775 in Ohio County, Virginia.

iii. Peter NISWONGER was born about 1759.

iv. Solomon NISWONGER was born in 1760. On Oct 3 1792 he and his wife Elizabeth sold Cedar Creek Farm and moved to Wayne County, Ohio.

v. Jeremiah NISWONGER was born in 1761.

vi. Elizabeth NISWONGER was born in 1762.

vii. Rachel NISWONGER was born in 1763.

viii. Leah NISWONGER was born on Nov 1 1776. She died on Jul1 1821.

ix. Rebecca NISWONGER was born in 1765.

162.Adam DANIEL was born in Feb 1717. He died in 1770. Adam emigrated to America in 1738. He arrived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Sep 11 1738 on the ship "Robert and Alice", Walter Goodman, Master, from Rotterdam. He settled in Bethel Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania on Jan 3 1749 (Berks formed from Lancaster in 1752). He was married to Barbara KLEIST.

163 Barbara KLEIST

Adam DANIEL and Barbara KLEIST had the following children:

i. Heinrich DANIEL was born in 1752. He died in 1846.

ii. Magdalene DANIEL.  ((81))

iii. Jacob DANIEL

iv. Andrew DANIEL

v. Barbara DANIEL

vi. Catherine DANIEL

vii. Sophia DANIEL was born in 1765. She died in 1847.                                



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